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Artificial Leather Care Cleaning

What is the difference between real leather and artificial leather?

Real leather is a tanned animal hide, i.e. a natural material. Imitation leather, on the other hand, is a collective term for textile materials coated with plastic (mostly on one side, mainly with PVC or PU) to imitate the look of leather. A special imprinting process only imitates a leather look.

Cleaning and looking after imitation leather furniture differs considerably from the way in which real leather is: real leather is cleaned and then treated with a slightly oiling care lotion. This can penetrate deep into the leather through the pores and nurtures it from within.

Imitation leather, on the other hand, is cleaned and then treated with a moisturiser. In contrast to real leather, imitation leather is not re-oiled because the plasticisers in the PVC imitation leather coating react with the fatty and oily substances in a care lotion, producing unsightly results and possibly even damaging the surface. Furthermore, the closed PVC coating cannot absorb the lotion – it would just be spread over the surface to leave an unsightly film.

What should not be forgotten with artificial leather after each cleaning is the nourishing moisturizing with the SEDICUR® Hydro Fluid. Because without this care, artificial leather can also dry out over time and become brittle.

What can I do so that artificial leather furniture remains clean and well-tended for a long time?

We recommend wiping the artificial leather furniture weekly with the Cleaning Glove. When doing so, the cleaning glove should be moistened slightly. Regular cleaning with the cleaning glove will remove everyday dirt as well as light oil and grease deposits.

Stains and soiling are to be treated with the special SEDICUR® Cleaner for artificial leather. After cleaning, the SEDICUR® Hydro Fluid provides the artificial leather with vital moisture, ensuring a soft feel and a smooth, pleasant surface.

Imitation leather furniture is usually exposed to high levels of use in everyday life. It is therefore advisable after each cleaning and treatment to protect the cover material from premature soiling and, above all, from denim discolouration.

Thorough cleaning and treatment is recommended every six months.

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