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Professional leather cleaning


Even if the leather is very dirty and has old, stubborn stains on it, that is no reason to despair. This is where a leather expert can help!

The affected leather is thoroughly cleaned, either at our leather repair centre or in your own home. The special cleaning products in the KERALUX® Repair range are only available for use by trained leather care specialists. After cleaning, the leather is extensively reconditioned, and then you can take pleasure in enjoying the original beauty of your upholstered furniture (or car seat) again.

Interested? It is best to call us by telephone so that we can give you a quotation tailored to your needs. Phone: 07831513978‬

By the way, did you know that we also carry out regular cleaning, repair and maintenance of leather seat covers for some well-known airlines?

At our purpose-equipped facility in Ubstadt-Weiher, the loose, grubby seat covers are first thoroughly cleaned, repaired if necessary and then treated and protected. They come out of our leather service centre looking like new again.

So next time you find yourself sitting on a lovely leather seat in an aeroplane, just remember us…

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