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Possibilities and limits


Your leather sofa is a collector’s item, but is it already showing clear signs of wear? Has it taken a lot of punishment, or perhaps even suffered some damages? No worries – our leather specialists will repair or recondition it for you and soon have it looking as good as new again!

At our leather repair centre in Ubstadt-Weiher we repair standard furniture as well as antique pieces, car leather trims and leather interiors of yachts or aircrafts. Our extensive experience and leather expertise enable us to tell you exactly what is possible as regards reconditioning your leather furniture, and also what the limits are.


Holes, burns, cracks, cuts, abrasions or scratches:

Depending on the size of the damaged area, a local repair is made and the area concerned blends in again seamlessly. For larger damaged areas a new patch can be made up and colour-matched to tone in.

Leather colour attrition and fading

In this case we apply pigment to restore the brightness of the original shade. If the leather is greasy, a special grease solvent draws the deep-seated grease stains out of the leather and returns it to its original colour. Leather that has become brittle and dry will be restuffed and a patch inserted if necessary.

Fresh stains of all kinds

or ballpoint pen marks are removed and the colour of the treated leather is then touched up to match again.

Suppose you want a new look without having to splash out on something new? We can also redye your leather furniture,for instance from brown to black. Or a nubuck suite, for example, can be transformed into smooth leather.

Get information without any obligation by calling out information telephone. Our highly qualified leather and furniture experts will be pleased to give you advice, without any obligation and custom-made. Simply give us a call: Phone 07831513978‬

Or send us a photo of your leather furniture to Photos should show the damaged area as clearly as possible. We will then contact you immediately and show you all the options for restoring your leather furniture yourself or having it restored by our specialists.

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