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Textile Care Cleaning


Upholstered furniture with fabric covers enchant with an incredible variety of colours, patterns and materials. Soft cover fabrics, such as micro-fibre, lends a particularly inviting cosy feel to the couch.

With regular cleaning and care using the PURATEX® Textile Care range, you can ensure that your upholstered furniture remains clean and well-cared-for for a long time.

· Vacuum the sofa weekly using the upholstery fixture of a vacuum cleaner (max. 500 W), to remove household dust, crumbs and everyday soiling.

· Then refresh the fabric cover by wiping the surfaces over with the moistened Staubfix dusting glove. This will give your sofa valuable moisture, which it needs to maintain its freshness and beauty.

· Remember to always use distilled water when wiping to clean the upholstery, to avoid ugly limescale marks.

· Always use the professional cleaning products of the PURATEX® Textile Care range for your sofa and never solvent-based household cleaners or household remedies!

· We recommend a half-yearly maintenance cleaning of your upholstery with a corresponding cleaner (fabric or micro-fibre) from our PURATEX® range.

· After cleaning, allow the cover to dry well and then re-impregnate to retain the dirt-repellent properties of the material.

· In the event of stains, respond IMMEDIATELY and dab gently with an absorbent cloth (kitchen roll).

· Be careful of clothing that may discolour your sofa (e.g. dark denim). Try to avoid sitting directly on the delicate surface of the fabric when wearing garments that have rivets, zip fasteners or sharp-edged buttons..

· It is also imperative that you follow the care instructions given by the manufacturer.

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