LCK® linoleum cleaner

Specially developed for linoleum surfaces.

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Shake well before use and test on a hidden area. Put some Linoleum Cleaner on a soft and lint-free cloth and rub in. Apply it to the linoleum surface thinly and evenly with light circular movements. Always clean the whole area, from edge to edge – never punctually. Then wipe the surface with a damp cotton cloth. Use distilled water to prevent lime deposits.

Recommended frequency:

Quarterly or more frequently with intensive use.

Expiration date:

36 months after production date.


LCK® linoleum cleaner (250ml), cloth (1 piece).


For everyday cleaning, use a soft, clean and damp cotton cloth (no microfibres). Localized dirt can also be removed with a soft, white eraser (e. g. Staedtler eraser). It is important that the eraser does not contain any abrasives. Similar spots based on water-permeable flower pots, vases etc. can be avoided by appropriate table mats and coasters. The bright spots caused by table mats resp. coasters darken again by the UV radiation of sunlight. Liquids must be immediately wiped with a soft cloth! Hot items (from 70 °C on ) must not be placed directly on linoleum! In no case linoleum may come into contact with alkaline agents. They will damage the surface and thus the „self-healing properties“ of the material.

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