Keralux® active plus cleaner


Intensive cleaner for pigmented leather only. 

The Keralux® active plus cleaner is a powerful cleaner that is suitable for pigmented leather only. This cleaner is ideal for removing stains with grease, oil, lipstick, pencil and much more*.

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Put a small amount of the cleaner in a soft sponge and squeeze the sponge to make foam. Apply the foam to the leather, rinse the sponge in between with lukewarm water. For heavily soiled areas, let the foam work briefly. To clean a larger surface you can wrap a clean cloth around a brush. Put some cleaner on the cloth and treat the leather with twisting movements without putting a lot of pressure on it.

Then clean the leather with a damp cotton cloth. Use preferably distilled water to avoid limescale. Always clean a complete section and work neatly from seam to seam.

After cleaning we advice to treat the leather with the Keralux® lotion P.

Recommended frequency:

When recommended or use with stains, the content is sufficient for 5-7 seats.

Expiration date:

36 months after production date


Keralux® active plus cleaner (250ml)

*Not suitable for:

Full-aniline leather (natural smooth leather), raw leather (nubuck, sanded leather), saddle leather (smooth leather with wax and / or oil finish), artificial leather, vegetable tanned leather and olive leaf extract tanned leather.


Never put the cleaner directly onto the leather but always work with a sponge or cloth.

Always try the maintenance products in a discrete place first.

Please note:

This product only includes the provided cleaner. The sponge, brush, distilled water and Keralux® lotion P are not included.


*Not all colour transfer can be repaired. If dyes have already migrated through the top layer, they can no longer be removed. In some cases a leather repair can still offer a solution. Please contact us for more information. You can find all our details on the contactpage.

Tip: To clean large surfaces efficiently, you can pour a quarter of the cleaner into a basin. This way, with the sponge you can squeeze a lot of foam in a short amount of time. Make sure you have a second container with lukewarm water on hand to rinse the sponge in between.

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