Keralux® jeans cleaning set


Intensive cleaning of discolouration by jeans.

Discolouration (or colour transfer) through jeans can often not be avoided without special protection. The Keralux® jeans cleaning set has been specially developed to gently and thoroughly remove discolouration from jeans on pigmented leather.

Please note: Not all colour transfer can still be repaired. If dyes have already migrated through the top layer, they can no longer be removed. In some cases a leather repair can still offer a solution. Please contact us, check out the contact page for more information.

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Treat the discoloured surface with the Keralux® active plus cleaner. Wrap a soft cloth around the brush, put a little Keralux® active plus cleaner on the cloth and rub it over the leather. Leather with a coarse, deep structure can be treated with the soft brush in order to be able to clean the deeper parts of the leather structure. If the leather is very discoloured, let the foam work in before you wipe it off. Wipe with a slightly damp cloth, use preferably distilled water to avoid limescale. If the discolouration is still visible, you can try to clean the remaining stains with the Keralux® jeans cleaner. Always wear the gloves when using this product! Apply a little Keralux® jeans cleaner to a new, soft cloth. Wrap the cloth around the index finger and work the surface from the outside inwards. Always work with a clean piece of cloth to prevent spreading the discolouration. Then thoroughly clean with a slightly damp cloth until the stain has disappeared.

Please note:

After cleaning, treat the leather with the Keralux® lotion P so that the leather is nourished and protected again.

Recommended frequency:

After advice or with stains.

Expiration date:

36 months after production date.


Keralux® active plus cleaner (250ml), Keralux® jeans cleaner (45ml), glove (1 piece), brush (1 piece), cloth (1 piece), manual.


Only use this set on pigmented smooth leather. If in doubt, ask for advice. See the contact page.S hake the products well before use. Do not apply cleaners directly to the leather.

Always try the maintenance products in a discrete place first.

Tip: When working with a damp cloth, use distilled water to prevent limescale. Shake the products well before use. Do not apply cleaners directly to the leather.

To prevent future discolouration, the leather can be treated after cleaning with the Keralux® strong protector.

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