Keralux® strong protector P (Pigmented)


Protection against colour transfer (jeans) and premature soiling for pigmented leather.

The Keralux® strong protector contains special ingredients that effectively and long-term protect your smooth leather seat against premature soiling. The Keralux® strong protector helps to protect the leather against the emission of coloured substances, such as jeans*.

*Depending on the color fastness of the clothing and how aggresive the colouring ingredients are.

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Use the Keralux® strong protector after thoroughly cleaning or on new delivered furniture. Divide a little Keralux® strong protector into a clean cloth and apply a thin layer on to the leather with lightly twisting movements.

Recommended frequency:

Half-yearly (after regular maintenance) sufficient for 10+ seats.

Expiration date:

36 months after production date.


Keralux® strong protector (200ml), cloth (2 pieces)

Not suitable for:

full-aniline leather (natural smooth leather), raw leather (nubuck, sanded leather), saddle leather (smooth leather with wax and / or oil finish), artificial leather, vegetable tanned leather and olive leaf extract tanned leather.


Use only on new, or thoroughly cleaned seats with pigmented leather. Use the Keralux® intensive cleaner or (if advised) Keralux® active plus cleaner for the best results.

Always try the maintenance products in a discrete place first.

Tip: Use the Keralux® strong protector after your regular maintenance (half-yearly cleaning and nourishing). After cleaning and nourishing, wait 24h, then protect with a thin layer of Keralux® strong protector.

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