LCK® anti-static spray

Prevents static charges on leather and fabric upholstery.

You can’t touch your upholstery without crackling sounds? You no longer dare to shake hands because of static electricity? Stop it all with the Keralux® anti-static pump spray. Can be used for both leather and fabric.

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Work neatly from seam to seam and always treat a complete section of the furniture.

Immediately after application evenly rub in with a clean (lint-free) cloth without applying any pressure.

Recommended frequency:

With static electricity on your furniture. Sufficient for 5-7 seats.

Expiration date:

12 months after production date.


LCK® anti-static spray (200ml)


Always test out in a discrete area before applying the product to the entire surface of the leather or fabric.

Tip: Use this product after you have cleaned the upholstery (and nourished leather) for the best result.

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