LCK® complete care set for natural stone


For porous, grounded and polished stone surfaces.

This complete care set contains everything to keep your stone surfaces such as marble, granite and slate in top condition. New table and counter tops can easily be cleaned and impregnated with this set. The impregnation will make the natural structure visible again and ensures that dirt can penetrate less quickly.

Leading manufacturers such as Rolf Benz and Draehnert recommend using this set.

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  1. Work the surface to be cleaned first with a damp cloth.
  2. Remove contamination with the cleaning sponge. Wet the sponge with water and treat the surface without putting too much pressure.
  3. Clean sponge in between well and cut off any contaminated parts with a knife.
  4. As soon as the surface is dry again, spray the impregnation thinly and then spread evenly with the soft sponge.
  5. Allow to dry for 24 hours.

Recommended frequency:


Expiration date:

24 months after production date.


LCK® protection spray for stone (200ml), cleaning sponge (2 pieces), soft sponge (1 piece), cloth (1 piece), manual.


Only use this product in well-ventilated areas or outside. Test the sponge in advance in a discrete area to see if it will leave scratches.

Good to know:

The impregnation works best when you apply a thin and even layer. More is not better in this case! The sponge works as a kind of eraser and will wear down by use.

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