Silvapur® lotion for oiled and waxed wooden surfaces


Complete care set for the maintenance of oiled and waxed wooden furniture.

The Silvapur® care lotion has been specially developed to nourish, protect and restores the natural looks and fresh scent.

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Spread a little lotion on a soft, clean cloth and then apply the lotion thinly and evenly with light pressure. Move in the direction of the grain and work the complete surface. Never use the lotion in a single spot, always work a complete section of the wood. Then rub with a soft cloth until all the residue of the lotion has been removed. Before using the furniture let it dry for 24 hours. Rub again when necessary.

Recommended frequency:

Quarterly or half-yearly (differs slightly per furniture).

Expiration date:

24 months after production date.


Silvapur® care lotion (150ml)

Not suitable for:

Varnished wood types.


Never use the products directly on the wooden surface, but always distribute them in a clean and lintfree cloth before working the surface.

Always try the maintenance products in a discrete place first.


Minor damage can be eliminated with Silvapur® fleece cloth. This can be found in the Silvapur® complete care set ‘intensive care’ (with fleece).

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