LCK® fresh-up spray

Reduces unpleasant scents from seating furniture

This pump sprayer camouflages unpleasant scents (such as from animals, smoke odor, etc.) from seating furniture. Suitable for both leather and fabric.

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Thoroughly shake the Keralux® fresh-up spray before use. Apply thinly and evenly from a distance of 20-30 centimeters. Always treat a complete seat cushion before you start the next one. Immediately after application evenly rub in with a clean (lint-free) cloth without applying any pressure.

Recommended frequency:

With unpleasant scents, sufficient for approx. 5-7 seats.

Expiration date:

12 months after production date.


LCK® fresh-up spray (200ml)


Always test out in an discrete area before applying the product to the entire surface of the leather or fabric.

Tip: Use this product after you have cleaned the upholstery (and nourished leather) for the best result.

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