Special offer Puratex® degreaser + Puratex® strong cleaner

Special offer Puratex® degreaser + 250 ml Puratex® strong cleaner

Puratex® degreaser spray and Puratex® strong cleaner

Removes retracted grease stains from almost all types of fabric.

Skin fat can leave stains on arm- and headrests. The Puratex® degreaser spray starts as a spray and forms a powder after drying that will absorb the grease stain. Works for almost all forms of grease.




Shake the can of the Puratex® degreaser well before use. Spray the  greasy spots at a distance of approx. 15 centimeters (+/- 6 inches). Always treat a larger area than the stain itself and allow it to fan out evenly around the stain. Then let the spray work well until it is completely dry, this can take 1 to 2 hours. The spray turns into a powder that can easily be absorbed with the help of a vacuum cleaner (please use the appropriate furniture attachment). Then rinse from seam to seam with the Puratex® strong cleaner.

Always treat upholstery with distilled water or with LCK® cleaning water after you have cleaned with Puratex® strong cleaner. The fabric can then be impregnated with the Puratex® protection spray.


Always try the Puratex® degreaser spray first in a discrete place. In the case of discolouration, please contact us via the contact page.

This product cannot be sent by airfreight outside the EU.

New models vacuum cleaners (without bag) may not be used for cleaning the fine powder of the degreaser. Please check your the specifications of your vacuum cleaner.

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