Keralux® scratch remover A for aniline leather

Scratch remover for light scratches in (full) aniline leather.

Light, superficial scratches in aniline leather can be treated with this product. In case of greater damage and in light colours use in combination with the Keralux® lotion A for an even better result.

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Put some of the Keralux® scratch remover A on a clean (lint-free) cloth and apply a thin layer over the damage. Use rotating movements for the best result. In case of excessive use, the leather could become darker.

Recommended frequency:

When advised or with minor scratches in aniline leather.

Expiration date:

36 months after production date.


Keralux® scratch remover A (50ml)

Not suitable for:

Pigmented-, semi-aniline-, nubuck- & suede- leather, artificial leather, vegetable tanned leather.


Always try the maintenance products in a discrete place first.

Tip: Use the Keralux® lotion A after the Keralux® scratch remover A for the best result.

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