Puratex® strong cleaner


For removing most everyday stains from textile upholstery.

The Puratex® strong cleaner has been specially developed for the removal of everyday and even older stains from textile upholstery.

250ml Puratex® strong cleaner                 separate cleaner

Always treat upholstery with distilled water or with LCK® cleaning water after you have cleaned with Puratex® strong cleaner. The fabric can then be impregnated with the Puratex® protection spray.




  1. Remove coarse contamination with a spoon or the blunt side of a knife.Then treat the stain with the Puratex® strong cleaner. Put some of the cleaner on a clean cloth and work the stain. Always work from the outside in and always treat a larger area than the stain itself.
  2. After cleaning use the Puratex® cleaning water. Put a little cleaning water in a container and immerse the LCK® cleaning glove / clean cloth and wring it out. Then carefully clean the cleaned fabric from seam to seam. Possibly repeat once or twice.
  3. Allow the fabric to dry well.
  4. Impregnate the fabric with the Puratex® protection spray. Hold the pump sprayer at a distance of 20-30 centimeters (+/- 10 inches) above the fabric and spray a thin, even layer. Try to keep the pump sprayer as vertical as possible to prevent dripping. Allow the fabric to dry well.

Recommended frequency:

When advised or with stains, 250ml is sufficient for approx. 5 seats.

Expiration date:

36 months after production date.


Puratex® strong cleaner (250ml)


Always try out products in a discrete place first!

Please note: Not all upholstery fabrics can be cleaned wet. Check on our website whether the LCK® cleaning glove set (wet) or the LCK® cleaning glove (dry) is recommended. If your fabric has not been tested by us, look up the washing instructions of the manufacturer or try first in a discrete area.

Not suitable for:



It is best to impregnate fabric after it has been thoroughly cleaned. The Puratex® care set for textile upholstery contains all products, including the cleaner and protection spray, for completely maintaining your fabric upholstery furniture.

Did you know?

Our Puratex® protection spray has received the OEKO-TEX® certificate? This well-known certificate from the renowned Hohenstein Institute has been awarded because of the exceptional functionality of Puratex® impregnation, the user-friendliness and because it has no influence on the human body or the environment!

LCK® has a database of 30,000+ physical leather and fabric samples. Every material is extensively tested in the laboratory by our experts before we make a maintenance advice. Click on the manufacturer’s logo for your personal maintenance advice or contact us via the contact page.

LCK® judges stains, damage and discolouration per situation! Send us an overview of your furniture and a detailed photo of the stain and our LCK® team will provide you with a personal treatment plan. Completely free of charge! You can find all our details on the contact page.

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